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N Scale - Freight Cars
Airslide Covered Hoppers

Ready-To-Run - Plastic body, with trucks and couplers.
You can order any quantity (1 and up). Different road numbers are available as indicated.
Most cars have 3 or 12 different road numbers available at a time (3 pack or 12 pack).

Micro Trains truck and coupler conversions:  
Air Slide and Cylindrical Hopper Complete Truck #1035, Body Mount coupler #1023.

Listing of Available Models and Associated Car Numbers:  The list below identifies the cars and roadnames that are currently available.  Underlined part numbers have pictures available for you to see on-line by clicking on part number.  Please note that each production run of a roadname uses a new series of car numbers.  We do not re-use a previous numbering series for any subsequent production run.  Thus, we only can fill orders for the most current production run and associated numbering series.  
Please refer to our list of Air Slide and Cylindrical Hopper car numbers that have be used and the current numbers which are available.
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