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HO Scale Freight Car
Antenna System and Accessories For PRR N-5 and N-5C


Kit Includes:  Lost wax brass supports and receivers, less .020 dia. wire. (Drill spots for locating antenna system supports are molded into underside of roof).

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Caboose Lighting Kit:  Fits Bowser N-5 & N-5C, Athearn and Roundhouse cabooses.

Kit Includes: Four 33" brass wheels sets, two bronze pickups, one Grain of Wheat or Rice Bulb and Instructions. Remove the trucks. Snap out the plastic wheels. Place pickups on truck frame and snap in brass wheels. Drill a 1/8 hole in floor if necessary. Wires from the bulb can be twisted onto pickup or soldered in place.

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Windows:  Fits Bowser N-5 & N-5C cabooses.

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