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HO Scale Products
Turntables and Roundhouses

Construction:  Bowser turntables (HO, O and S Scale) are made of 1/2" plywood with a brass pit wall. The wood is painted gray. The pit rail is installed and the wiring is complete.  The center shaft, bearings and bogies are installed on the wooden bridge beam.  The girder kit screws onto the side of the bridge beam and creates the appearance of a girder bridge.  The motorizing kit mounts under the turntable and rotates the table. The bridge will accept any type of track consistent with the scale of the turntable. For this reason, the bridge track is NOT included with the kit. 

Application & Electrics:  A turntable requires a square hole 2 inches larger than the bridge length and at least 6 inches of clearance under the layout.  The motor requires an N or HO scale transformer (only controls the rotation of bridge) to move the bridge clockwise or counterclockwise.  When the bridge is stopped it is locked in place.  The transformer speed selector serves as device to move the bridge very slowly to allow good alignment of the bridge with each track stub along the turntable perimeter.  This does require a level of skill to be developed by the operator to ensure that your locomotives traverse the bridge/stub gap gracefully. 

Automated Indexing:  An automatic indexing system is an electro-mechanical add-on device (sold separately), that when properly installed, virtually guarantees alignment of the bridge/stub gap at each stub location along the perimeter of the turntable.  Dallee Electronics manufactures such a unit.  The Dallee "Indexer" can be set for an infinite number of discrete stops. Since this unit mounts under your layout, it can be installed without removing your turntable from your layout. 

New Deck Detail Kit:  Our new HO turntable Deck Detail Kit fits 14",16" & 18" turntables.
Kit Includes:  brass middle tower, brass handrail wire, brass handrail stanchions, pewter shanty, bogie wheel brackets, wood decking and wood ties for decking.

Other photos of new Deck Detail Kit:
Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3      

Assembly- Exploded View Drawings:
Girders for Bridges
Motorizing Unit (makes the turntable rotate)
Deck Detail Kit parts drawings

Turntable Kits (includes turntable with bridge, girder kit, deck detail kit & motorizing kit.)
* n.a. Per Kit   -  14"  Turntable Complete  
* n.a. Per Kit   -  16"  Turntable Complete  
* n.a. Per Kit   -  18"  Turntable Complete  
Shipping & Handling, except Hawaii & Alaska (billed actual freight)
Add   * n.a.   -  for  all HO turntables

HO Turntable Deck Detail Kit only.  Detail kit fits 14",16" & 18" turntables.
* n.a. Per Kit  -  HO turntable deck detail kit only  -  Part # 7904
  Use this kit if you already have a turntable.

Turntable Indexing Kit by Dallee Electronics.
  (Stops at any location you set. Mounts under turntable, infinite number of stops.)
  The Dallee Indexer instructions can be found at
* n.a. Per Kit  -  Indexing Kit by Dallee Electronics   -  Part # 213-617

Korber HO Roundhouses

Korber HO Roundhouse - Measures 8.5" x 15.5" x 16.5"
- SALE PRICE - * n.a. Per Kit   -  HO 3 Stall Roundhouse  - Part # 411-104

Other photos of Korber Roundhouse:
Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3      

Pictures of 18" Turntable as shipped from Bowser.:
Picture 1 Top view, two wires on bridge are attached to the track.
Picture 2 Side view of underside with drive wheel and packing blocks in place.
Picture 3 Underside view with packing blocks in place.
Picture 4 Drive wheel removed.  Packing blocks removed from drive wheel.  Two wires that are attached to our transformer.  One allen wrench used to remove drive wheel.
Picture 5 Picture of Girders for turntable sides.
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