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HO - English's Model Railroad Supply Cars


Cabooses - The following HO Scale Bowser and Athearn cars painted and lettered for English's Model Railroad Supply Cars are available:
Part #DescriptionPrice
3-3001  Steel Caboose CNJ * n.a.
3-3002  Steel Caboose READING * n.a.
3~3003  Steel Caboose WM * n.a.
3-3004  Steel Caboose C&NW * n.a.
3-3005  Steel Caboose C&O * n.a.
3~3006  Steel Caboose ACY * n.a.
3~3013  Steel Caboose C&O CHESSIE * n.a.
3-3014  Steel Caboose B&O * n.a.
3-3015  Steel Caboose ERIE LACK * n.a.
3-3050  Steel Caboose Lehigh Valley RED BODY * n.a.
3-3059  Steel Caboose Lehigh Valley BROWN BODY * n.a.
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