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N Scale - Freight Cars
N-5 Caboose

Bowser Products are Made in the USA!!!!!!!

Made in USA - Flag Image

Ready-To-Run - Plastic body, trucks and couplers.
Cars sold in 3 packs (different #'s) or individually.
With correct PRR cabin car trucks & Rapido style couplers.

Micro Trains ® truck and coupler conversions:  
N-5  caboose body mount coupler #2004 Unassembled
N-5  caboose body mount coupler #2004-1 Assembled

Listing of Available Models and Associated Car Numbers:  The list below identifies the cars and roadnames that are currently available.  Underlined part numbers have pictures available for you to see on-line by clicking on part number.  Please note that each production run of a roadname uses a new series of car numbers.  We do not re-use a previous numbering series for any subsequent production run.  Thus, we only can fill orders for the most current production run and associated numbering series.  
Please refer to our list of N5 car numbers that have be used and the current numbers that are available.

Part #DescriptionPrice
1-37099  N N5 Cab Antenna Support Kit * n.a.
1~37100  N N5 Caboose Undec * n.a.
1-37101  N N5 Caboose PRR Original Lettering * n.a.
1-37102  N N5 Caboose Shadow Keystone * n.a.
1-37103  N N5 Caboose PRR New Style Lettering * n.a.
1-37104  N N5 Caboose Conrail * n.a.
1-37105  N N5 Caboose Penn Central Green * n.a.
1-37106  N N5 Caboose New Haven Bc Red * n.a.
1-37107  N N5 Caboose Amtrak Orange Black Roof * n.a.
1-37108  N N5 Caboose Amtrak Orange Grey Roof * n.a.
1~37109  N N5 Caboose B&M Blue * n.a.
1-37110  N N5 Caboose Cambria & Indiana Tuscan * n.a.
1-37111  N N5 Caboose Conrail * n.a.
1-37112  N N5 Caboose Detroit & Mackinac Tuscan * n.a.
1-37113  N N5 Caboose Long Island Orange * n.a.
1-37114  N N5 Caboose Pennsy Reading Seashore Line * n.a.
1-37115  N N5 Caboose NY, NH & H * n.a.
1-37116  N N5 Caboose PRR New Style Red & White Cupola * n.a.
1-37117  N N5 Caboose Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines * n.a.
1-37118  N N5 Caboose Cambria & Indiana Yellow * n.a.
1-37119  N N5 Caboose Long Island Tuscan Red * n.a.
1-37120  N N5 Caboose PRR New Style Orange with Black Roof * n.a.
1-37121  N N5 Caboose PRR Yellow Body with Black Roof * n.a.
1-37122  N N5 Caboose Penn Central Green Body * n.a.
1-37123  N N5 Cab PRR New Style, Red with Yellow Cupola * n.a.
1-37124  N N5 Caboose B&M Minute Man Logo * n.a.
1-37125  N N5 Cab PRR Circle Keystone Over PRR * n.a.
1-37126  N N5 Cab PRR Circle Keystone Under PRR * n.a.
1-37127  N N5 PRR Shadow Keystone - Assigned to P.S.R.E. * n.a.
1-37128  N N5 Cab NY NH & H American Railway Express * n.a.
1-37129  N N5 PRR Shadow Keystone American Express Agency * n.a.
1-37130  N N5 Caboose PRR - Buy War Bonds * n.a.
1-37201  N Steel Caboose ACY * n.a.
1-37204  N Steel Caboose Alaska Bicentennial * n.a.
1-37206  N Steel Caboose BRC Bicentennial * n.a.
1-37228  N Steel Caboose 76 Happy Birthday * n.a.
1-37242  N Steel Caboose Reading Green/Black Roof * n.a.
1-37243  N Steel Caboose Western Maryland Brown * n.a.
1-37244  N Steel Caboose Spirit of 1776 * n.a.
1-37245  N Steel Caboose Spirit of 1776 * n.a.

New Antenna Support System for the Bowser N Scale Caboose
Part # 37099 (above) includes wire and all stanchions 
Holes for drilling are marked on the underside of the roof.
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