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O Scale Products
Power & Trailing Truck for Corgi PCC Trolley

Corgi body and Bowser mechanism ready to be installed.

Sorry we do not have any lighting kits.

Custom Installation is Available:  If you cannot install the mechanism in your Corgi PCC, you may send your PCC body to Bowser and we will install our mechanism for a $20.00 service fee, plus the price of the mechanism you need from the table below. Please add a 6% sales tax if you are a PA resident along with the current shipping and handling charges.

Ready-To-Run Models:  Bowser has some Corgi trolleys with the mechanisms already installed. The following trolleys and parts are in stock. Click on undelined name to see picture.

Part #DescriptionPrice
551-50007  Mechanism ONLY for Corgi PCC, 3-Rail, Tin Plate * n.a.
551~50014  Corgi PCC with Mechanism, Cincinnatti, 3-Rail * n.a.
551-50019  Corgi PCC with Mechanism, Minneapolis, 3-Rail * n.a.

Note: Power and Trailing Truck only part requires the customer to supply the Corgi trolley

2 Rail Scale available upon request. * n.a. per mechanism
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